Software solutions

Software solutions


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With our self developed and modular software you can take control. (data collection and analysis, evaulation, OEE, SPC, gauge monitoring, etc.) You only need an internet browser to work with your computer or tablet from anywhere in the world.


  • Measure request and tracking module
  • Measuring device monitoring module
  • Measured data collection, evaluation module
  • Audit planning, management module
  • Production information Module
  • Training, manufacturing support module
  • Complaint management module
  • System management module

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Data Collection Module


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We recommend our DCM system for those who want to use a flexible, programmable data logger for either in-process measurements or sorting work.


  • fast, efficient measurement
  • user-friendly interface
  • graphic display, color feedback in addition to large numbers and scale (OK / NOK)
  • user identification
  • the measurement results are saved automatically or manually
  • control card, SPC evaluation