High Carbon Steel Wires application

Conveyor Belt, Brushes, Fencing Wires, Welded Mesh, Vineyard Wire, Poultry Cages, Push & Pull Cables, Strand For Ropes & Mechanical Control Cable.
Our technically advanced manufacturing process, combined with advanced process control, ensures conversion from raw material to a final product of the highest quality.
Garg Inox high carbon steel wire production facilities include substantial galvanising and patenting heat treatment Processes. The High Carbon Steel Wires are available in 2 types of Finishes: Galvanized (Bright) and Non-Galvanized (Black)

High Carbon Steel Wires (PDF)

Low Carbon Steel Wires appliacation

Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire.
Hot-dipped zinc plated wire is also known as hot dipped Galvanized Wire or thermal Galvanized Wire. It is made by means of wire drawing followed by heat treatment and zinc plating.

Advantages: Uniform Zinc Coating.

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Low Carbon Steel Wires (PDF)