Risen Solar Modules

We are proud to represent Risen Energy monocrystalline PERC solar modules in Hungary. We import our monocrystalline PERC solar modules directly from our Chinese partner Risen Energy. Risen Energy is Tier 1 rated and the modules have outstanding specifications.

Mahindra Sanyo - Special Steel, Bearing races

We are proud representing Mahindra Sanyo products in Europe. Mahindra Sanyo products like special steel bars, forged parts, machined bearing components are avaiable in our range.

QSM Webstore

Our company has its ownwebstore and warehouse space, our strength is the fast service. We are working on to offer more and more products such as household accessories, garden equipments, garden furniture covers agricultural tarpaulins or high quality solar modules. Take a tour in our webshop!

Logistic, Sorting, Rework & Quality checking

Custom handling, Safety stock, Visual checking, Dimensional checking, Rework of mainly automotive parts are avaiable on our regularly supplied product and on request on project campain.

Logistic Equipments

QSM designs and produces customised logistic equipements like Trolleys, Milk runs, special steel bins, etc.

Leisure boats

QSM producing Leisure boats. However this is not our core business we produce all our customized boat with enthusiasm and 25 years experience.

Software solutions

Our own programmed softwares help to manage metrology systems, producion measuring data collection, data analyzis based on web solutions.

Supplier development

We carry out supplier development projects on the field of productivity, quality processes, tracebility, meauring processes, logistic processes.

Warehousing, Import services

We can help you to find your supplier in Asia. We manage the whole import process. Offers from potential suppliers, import handling, custom clearence, warehousing.